Saturday, July 3


I've moved house! So that's where I've been for the past, like, month.

While not here, I have

- become obsessed with the World Cup (come the fuck on, Germany!)

- been told I have eczema, like the weird flakey boy in my primary school class did :(

- acquired one of the nicest views I've ever seen

- got really excited about my summer festivalling

- made the council's culture spokesperson resign because I proved him wrong in front of the whole council (in a much less dramatic way than I've portrayed it!)

- had exploding boobs (stupid pill) - when naked, I now look like Milk Bottle Jordan, with a less toned stomach and little patches of discoid eczema


Pretty alright... "emotionally".


  1. all in all it sounds like you're doing good and that you're having a great summer. i'm jealous (: my body went haywire too when i started on the pill, but it should all stabilize in time. good luck with everything!

  2. Germany lost, boo. Now they want to kill an octopus. Sounds like you have quite the excitement in your schedule!! I am jealz! Less time to eat!

    Hi, I'm Eva, and I just started following ya.

  3. Hey, I gave you an award :)