Wednesday, May 18

calorific (counting)

I'm going to throw my hands up and admit that there has been a little bit of calorie counting going on in my life again recently, which is why I've made such a valiant return to the blog that there are going to be TWO POSTS IN ONE WEEK.

It's a slippery slope, yada yada yada, but given some of my self-loathing behaviour, and insane weight gain lately, maybe it's a good thing. I just need to even out somewhere in the middle.

(Because, of course, that's such an easy thing to do. Do you never learn, woman?)

I think the alcohol might be the main thing I need to curb, though. Oh, the life of a student.


  1. The key is moderation. I lost a lot of weight in college when I was going out 4 nights a week for 2 reasons.

    1. Because we were dancing our asses off all night long.

    2. And the bars and clubs were always packed so it took so long to get a drink we weren't drinking as much.

    It's definitely something to keep an eye on though.

  2. where did you go? Come baccckkk!!!

  3. im glad your back because ive just found your blog and i love it! Alcohol's a bitch, feels so great taking it in, but everything afterwards is shit. especially the weight gain! try not to drink too much or dance your ass off, as ice queen said ;)

  4. So good to get your comment on my post. It made me smile so big. We totally should be penpals. I CAN get email on my phone, but it doesn't always work, so half the time it just makes me angry. Here is my real name and my address:
    Joanna Jefferis
    285 Juniata St. Apt. 4
    Berlin, PA 15530