Saturday, May 14

recently, i have done these things

Hello. Recently, I have:
  • almost pulled a very very cute female...
  • ... but sadly didn't;
  • came out as not-just-liking-men to two of my flatmates, who took it reasonably well and I'm please about that;
  • had new passport photos taken which snowballed into some big moral crisis about the state of my chin/the difference in chub between my pre-university student card photo, and my end-of-first-year new passport photo. NOT HAPPY;
  • flirted and nothing more with a super cute barman;
  • wept;
  • sat one exam;
  • failed to start revising for second exam which is in... three days;
  • not wept about that one, yet;
  • booked a holiday to Italy with Man where I am going to be so, so, so very hot, in the temperature sense;
  • self-harmed in the library toilets (how very 13 year old of me! I think I'm over it now, it was a momentary blip);
  • not wanted to go home;
  • wanted to go home.
Tonight I'm hosting a party for Eurovision. Can't beat a crazy little bit of Europop.

Jedward, anyone?



    Eurovision for the win. I'm baking cake! Oh, the progress!


  2. hey, just creeped out your blog, thought i'd drop a line and tell you i like the style you have here, the sorta self-witty-banter is fun to read! plus im putting peices together that you live in europe (though i cant tell which country) which is sweet because i am too and i feel like a lot of the anablogs i stumble upon are from america. (i'm american myself but currently living in italy)