Saturday, May 14

recently, i have done these things

Hello. Recently, I have:
  • almost pulled a very very cute female...
  • ... but sadly didn't;
  • came out as not-just-liking-men to two of my flatmates, who took it reasonably well and I'm please about that;
  • had new passport photos taken which snowballed into some big moral crisis about the state of my chin/the difference in chub between my pre-university student card photo, and my end-of-first-year new passport photo. NOT HAPPY;
  • flirted and nothing more with a super cute barman;
  • wept;
  • sat one exam;
  • failed to start revising for second exam which is in... three days;
  • not wept about that one, yet;
  • booked a holiday to Italy with Man where I am going to be so, so, so very hot, in the temperature sense;
  • self-harmed in the library toilets (how very 13 year old of me! I think I'm over it now, it was a momentary blip);
  • not wanted to go home;
  • wanted to go home.
Tonight I'm hosting a party for Eurovision. Can't beat a crazy little bit of Europop.

Jedward, anyone?


  1. AnonymousMay 14, 2011


    Eurovision for the win. I'm baking cake! Oh, the progress!


  2. hey, just creeped out your blog, thought i'd drop a line and tell you i like the style you have here, the sorta self-witty-banter is fun to read! plus im putting peices together that you live in europe (though i cant tell which country) which is sweet because i am too and i feel like a lot of the anablogs i stumble upon are from america. (i'm american myself but currently living in italy)