Tuesday, March 10

summary of day, part II

Phone helpline
Nice, yet patronising woman, tells me to think about talking to my GP
Want to scream 'I'm not fucking emaciated, y'think they'll take me seriously?' at her
Don't. Instead, simper politely about how I may talk to someone at my school. She seems pleased
It is after half past eight. The line is meant to close then. Evidently, she likes her routine too, and finds ways to end the conversation two minutes after the half past mark
Hang up, feeling cheated out of £3 that could've gone towards two bottles of Diet Coke

Texts from mum, telling me about eating chocolate brownies in John Lewis
She asks about gym
I tell her my workout, and that I wish the gym was closer to the house
She agrees, and thinks she going to lose her muscle tone from being away
I tell her to shut up, and that if I don't keep going I'll gain weight

She is yet to reply

Have hit page 114 of book, like I've hit 114 on the scales
Reminded of general hugeness
Miss being cold, a familiar feeling, that of success

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